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The US has always welcomed investors and businesspersons who wish to invest and trade in the US. In most circumstances, people with their own businesses will find it more advantageous to opt for an EB-1c category visa instead of an EB-5 visa because it's safer, cheaper, faster, AND pays better dividends to investors.

There are primarily two avenues for businesspersons /investors to migrate to the US under the EB-5 visa category:a) Buying or starting a Direct Investment business.
b) Investing in a regional center or partnership.

How do we help our clients?
Our advisory and brokerage services team helps immigrants buy / start businesses to help them obtain PERMANENT RESIDENCE in the US under the EB-5 or EB-1c visa categories, or non-immigrant visas under the E2 category as well by helping them buy or start their own businesses. We team up with attorneys and CPAs to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions to help our clients get approval in a streamlined manner. More importantly, we use our established relationships with major banks to help our clients raise capital to expand their businesses by obtaining loans to leverage their equity.

What do we charge and do we offer payment plans?

We charge $75,000 as a combined fee for the immigration attorney, CPA and business broker/ adviser. This includes FULL advisory, accounting and legal support till approval of the client's I-829 (permanent green card), which is usually 48-68 months after approval of the I-526 (conditional green card). Clients may pay in 2 installments of 1) 65% when they sign up, 2) 35% when we file their I-829 petition. This significantly reduces the burden on our client’s finances as well as ensures that our clients get full value for money.

What are the different options available for investors who wish to obtain EB-5 category immigrant visas?

Investors can either choose to go with Direct Investments or with Regional Centers. Direct Investment Businesses usually need to invest $900,000 to start or buy a business. However, those investors who are open to co-investing can get their permanent green cards quickly under the EB-1c visa category by investing only $460-500,000. There are several attractive Investment options available in FL, and we strongly advise our clients to consider Florida as it has a low cost of living and a low cost of doing business (with no state income tax) and has a nice warm climate.

Below is an objective comparison that lists the reason EB-5 visa seekers should select Direct Investment Businesses to obtain EB-5 immigrant visas. In a nutshell, it is safer, and easier and faster to get EB-5 visa approval with Direct Investment Businesses.

1) Processing times: EB-5 visa petitions filed on the basis of Direct Investment Businesses are often approved in less than the time it takes for petitions filed by regional centers to be approved, as regional centers are under active investigation for fraud, securities fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, conflict of interest and violation of several laws by multiple US government agencies such as DHS, SEC, IRS, FBI, etc. as well as foreign government agencies. We can state with confidence that most regional centers have committed securities fraud (by failing to disclose material facts to EB-5visa seekers), tax fraud, money laundering and violated securities laws in the US and overseas by illegally offering and selling securities overseas, laundering funds in order to evade foreign exchange controls and illegally paying commissions to sell securities. As seen by the aggressive action taken by DHS and SEC to detect and prevent fraud against EB-5 visa seekers, the regional center program is still a very risky option for EB-5 visa investors.

2) Return on Investment: The annual return on equity (ROE) is usually 1% or less when EB-5 visa seekers opt for regional centers, and it is usually over 4-5 % when EB-5 visa seekers choose Genuine  Direct Investment Businesses or EB-1c category investments.

3) Visa and Capital loss: Capital and visa loss are quite common in regional centers due to fraud and conflict of interest, while none of our clients have experienced capital loss, visa loss or operating loss since 2004.

4) Exit strategy: The exit strategies are truly nightmarish in regional centers, and it is also quite common to see Regional Center Promoters fleecing their investors by forcing them to use real estate agents or companies affiliated with the Promoters to exit the investments. Hundreds of investors have sued Regional Centers for fraud, and many promoters of regional centers are now being investigated by state and federal prosecutors for fraud and other felonies. In contrast, EB-5 visa seekers who chose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses or EB-1c visa have control and ownership of their business from day one, and could exit as and when they chose, instead of being at the mercy of unscrupulous regional center promoters.

5) Nepotism: Nepotism is rampant in regional centers, and it is quite common for partnership and regional center promoters to hire friends and family members at inflated salaries, instead of hiring employees in a competitive and transparent manner. Direct Investment Business owners can hire employees in a transparent and competitive manner, thus saving money and preventing fraud and conflict of interest.

6) Conflict of interest and fraud: Conflict of interest is quite common as regional center and partnership promoters are known to procure goods and services from related parties at inflated costs. Direct Investment Business owners can avoid this by buying goods and services in a competitive manner.

7) Securities law violations: Partnership and Regional Center promoters usually offer and sell securities in an illegal manner in the US and abroad. This is not applicable to Direct Investment Businesses.

8) Full control of funds and business at all times: Our client funds are usually kept in the bank account of corporate entities owned and controlled by our clients, with full access to details 24x7 through internet banking and very rarely kept in escrow. Our competitors unnecessarily lock EB-5 visa investor funds in escrow.

Direct Investments: Obtaining Permanent Resident status in the US under Direct Investment option of EB-5 visa has several advantages over Regional Centers.

They are:
a) Reduced Risk of fraud and conflict of interest, due to full ownership and control of the business from day 1.
b) Faster visa approval and easy exit strategy.
c) Reduced risk of losing immigration status or capital.
d) Reduced risk of tax problems.
e) Significantly higher earnings.

What is the process that our EB-5 visa clients undergo?

The process is quite simple and straightforward:

1) Our clients sign up with us, and we hire an immigration attorney and CPA to represent our client. The client directly sends their documents to the Attorney, who prepares the forms to file the client's I-526. We hold extensive discussions with our client to learn what are our client's preferences, and what may be appropriate choices based on the client's preferences of location, budget, career goals, etc.

2) The attorney and CPA form a corporate entity on behalf of our client. This entity is wholly owned and controlled by our clients. This eliminates any potential for fraud or conflict of interest.

3) The client wires their funds into their bank account, and sends us evidence that the funds were legally acquired and lawfully transmitted.

4) The client sends their documents to the attorney, who uses the CPA prepared documents and client supplied documents as part of the supporting documents filed in support of the I-526 petition.

5) We sometimes help our clients obtain business loans, and we select an appropriate location for our client's business. We then conduct necessary negotiations with franchisor (if the client opts for franchise) and hire the architect, engineer and contractors (if needed to build or modify a location to comply with code or business needs).

6) The attorney files the I-526 along with supporting documentation (CPA prepared records, bank statements, leases, purchase records, contracts, payroll records such as W4 / I9 etc.).

7) After the client gets approved, (s)he can either choose to adjust status (if in the US) or opt for consular processing if overseas.

8) When the client is in the country, they start managing their business, and if needed, undergo necessary franchisor training.

9) After 21 months of being admitted in I-526 status, the immigration attorney would file form I-829 along with CPA prepared documentary records (bank records, income and sales tax records, payroll records, lease copies, etc.) in order to prove that the funds were invested and stayed invested, and that 10 jobs were created and maintained for US citizens or LPR's. Our clients usually have a MAJOR advantage, as it is easy for Genuine Direct Investment Businesses to create and maintain jobs, whereas regional centers always struggle with this issue.

10) Once the Client's I-829 is approved, our contractual responsibility ends, and our client is free to either hold onto their business or sell it. In most cases, our clients prefer to hold onto their business as we usually place our clients in solid businesses situated in great locations, and it makes no sense to sell.

WHY should EB-5 visa applicants buy or start Direct Investment Businesses using our firm?

a) INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY: We are probably the only EB-5 business brokers and advisors to offer the following guarantees to our clients:

1) We offer a written guarantee that we will disclose all material facts and will never engage in conflict of interest with our clients. You will usually NEVER see the CEO and CFO of a Regional Center or Partnership promoter or third rate franchise promoter offer this written guarantee, because they usually don't disclose all material facts, nor do they refrain from engaging in conflict of interest.

2) We've teamed up with CPAs and attorneys to offer our EB-5 investor clients a turnkey solution, where we help them to not only buy / start up businesses, but also document the finances and operations with the help of the CPA and have the attorney file the papers with the USCIS. Our team is probably the only team confident enough in our competence that we offer a 100% fee refund guarantee in case our client's petition is denied due to any reason attributed to us. To our knowledge, NONE of our competitors offer the same fee refund guarantee as they don't have confidence in their experience and expertise.

b) Easy exit strategy: First and foremost, it is a lot easier to exit and get a profit when you've your own direct investment as you can sell whenever you want to whosoever you want with the broker of your choice. We never place any restrictions on which service provider you wish to use to exit your investment. If you find our service to be honest, fair and transparent, use us in the future too. If you find us to be unprofessional or dishonest, let someone better than us serve you. Our EB-5 visa investor clients can easily sell their business when they want and to whosoever they want without any restrictions whatsoever, as we usually place our clients in blue chip franchises or solid businesses that are easy to sell. EB-5 Visa investors who opt for third rate franchises or illiquid partnerships or regional centers find that exiting is a harrowing AND absurdly expensive experience.

c) Growth and stability: We help our clients get business loans in order to leverage their equity and enhance their earnings in a strategic manner. We only suggest investing in businesses where we're satisfied that our clients will be able to earn a decent return on investment and will be able to avoid erosion of their equity. Unlike Regional Centers, we have only ONE agenda: Helping our clients grow in a safe, ethical and profitable manner. We suggest businesses such as banks (small community owned banks), gas stations (Shell, Hess, BP, Chevron, etc.), hotels (Super 8, Days Inn, etc.), gymnasiums (such as Planet Fitness), skating rinks, quick service restaurants (such as Subways, Dairy Queen, etc.) etc. where we know for a fact that our clients will have a strong chance to succeed, Our track record speaks for itself: None of our EB-5 immigrant investor clients have experienced operating loss, visa loss or capital loss since 2004. As a matter of fact, NONE of our clients have made less than 15% Operating profit annually even during the economic downturn of the past few years.

d) No hassle management: If our EB-5 investor clients don't wish to manage the business, we will do it for them for a competitive fee and unprecedented flexibility. No fine print, no excuses, no legalese. We believe in honesty and transparency and always have the business account statements prepared by a Licensed CPA in every quarter (which is great for future expansion and to ensure tax & USCIS compliance). We're proud of our track record of helping our clients get significantly better returns on their investment when compared with over 200 Regional Centers we surveyed so far. We're certain that Regional Centers will always fall short when compared against the business investments we suggest. For details see bottom of this page.

e) Freedom from fraud and 100% control of your business and funds: Our EB-5 and E2 clients always own 100% of their business and have full control of their business and business funds. This helps significantly reduce the potential for fraud against our clients and usually results in far higher earnings compared to those seen in partnerships and regional centers.

f) Focus on quality: Unlike our competitors, we do NOT advise our clients to invest in risky franchises such as Voodoo BBQ, Marcos Pizza, etc. and we strongly discourage our EB-5, EB-1C and E2 clients from investing in partnerships and regional centers as they're usually engaged in FRAUD, violations of securities laws and conflict of interest. This is why we've NEVER had a client rejected at I-526 or I-829 stage and none of our clients have experienced operating or capital losses in businesses where we played an advisory or brokerage role.

Why do we advise our clients to buy / start up a franchise business?
Not only is it easier to get approval from USCIS, it is also easier to make money and in case you're going wrong, most franchisors actually advise you on how to improve your performance in that particular business, where they've accumulated several years of subject matter expertise. Most importantly, it is a whole lot easier to sell a franchised business than  an unfranchised one.

Having said that, some businesses such as skating rinks, auto dealerships for used cars or banquet halls for instance, are not franchised and are designed, owned and operated by individual owners who are responsible for attracting and retaining customers and maintaining goodwill. Our advice depends on our client's goals, but most of our clients are advised to go with franchises and some choose to go for family oriented businesses such as Family Entertainment Centers, Skating Rinks, Small to Mid-Sized Banquet Facilities geared towards marriages, engagements, birthdays, etc.

How many clients have we helped obtain EB-5 immigrant visas under Direct Investment?
We've successfully helped over 150 clients so far, and expect to add more to the list over time.

What if an EB-5 investor doesn't want to operate their own business?

We offer a great solution called Managed EB-5 businesses:
We provide business management services to EB-5 clients, where we manage businesses on behalf of our clients and pay them the first 10% of annual ROE, as well as 75% of the increase in value when the client decides to sell their business. This is a much better deal than that offered by regional centers or "partnerships", where investors are lucky to see even 1% annual ROE, and usually experience capital loss instead of capital gains. This service is only available in Florida. In plain words, an investor who starts a business with $500,000 equity will get the first $50,000 in annual net profits, and in case the business doesn't earn even $50,000 in annual net profits, we will manage it for FREE! If an EB-5 client's  business was started with $500,000 in equity and sold for $800,000, our client would get to keep $225,000 in the capital gains. This is a great deal that is NOT offered by regional centers, partnerships or any of our competitors, and we can offer deals like these simply because we place our clients in solid businesses. The biggest advantage this has over regional centers is that the client has full ownership and control of the business at all times, and can not only terminate our services if (s)he is unhappy with them, but can also sell their business(es) when they want and to whosoever they want at market rates. In regional centers and partnerships, EB-5 investors are powerless puppets who have to mutely watch their equity being eroded, while with us, EB-5 investors have full control of their business and funds, and can freely fire incompetent or dishonest employees or managers.

HOW can EB-5 visa investors avoid getting defrauded?
It is quite common for EB-5 visa seekers to encounter unethical and unscrupulous individuals, be they regional center executives and / or agents who get paid $50-75,000 each to market regional centers to EB-5 visa investors.
EB-5 visa investors need to ask probing questions that will help them quickly identify dishonest fraudsters.
Here are some questions that can help EB-5 visa seekers and immigration attorneys make better informed decisions:

Critical questions to ask of a regional center CEO and CFO:
1) Are you willing to offer a notarized guarantee that I will get my conditional green card in less than 8 years? Are you willing to offer me a notarized affidavit stating that I will get my permanent green card AND capital back in less than 10 years?2) What is your practical experience? How many clients have you helped so far and how long have you done so?3) What is your track record? Have your clients experienced capital loss, visa loss or operating loss?
4) What do you do to help me avoid getting defrauded?
5) What is the exit strategy?
6) What is the typical approval time?
7) Do you fully comply with the securities laws of the US and overseas jurisdictions where you offer and sell securities?
8) Will you refund my fees in case my petition is denied due to your negligence or incompetence, or am I expected to pay for your mistakes?9) Are you willing to offer a notarized guarantee confirming that you will fully disclose all material facts in an ongoing manner and refrain from engaging in conflict of interest?
An honest service provider will never expect a client to pay for the mistakes and negligence of the service provider, and will always agree to fully disclose all facts. We believe in honesty, transparency and accountability, and we always put our client's interests ahead of our own.

We specialize in helping our clients have their cake and eat it too. An EB-5 visa seeker should keep 5 primary goals in mind:

1) Get approval in the quickest manner possible: Direct Investment Businesses have always been the quickest approach to get EB-5 visa, and especially now, it takes about half the time to get I-526 approved for Direct Investment Businesses in comparison to Regional Centers.

2) Ensure that they are able to document the creation of 10 jobs: Regional Centers go for indirect jobs and tenant occupancy, due to which their I-526 petition denial rate is high, while I've personally had over 50 clients approved for Direct Investment Businesses without any hitch whatsoever due to the simple fact that I advise my clients to start / buy businesses that meet and exceed USCIS criteria in a PROFITABLE manner.

3) Get a decent ROI: EB-5 visa seekers who've used my services to buy / start businesses usually get a high annual ROE if they manage their business, while those who invest in regional centers or partnerships usually struggle to get even 1% annual ROE. One of the major reasons low (or no ROE) is seen in partnerships and regional centers is that the promoters of partnerships and regional centers are usually engaged in fraud and conflict of interest.

4) Get capital gains when you exit: Capital gains are usually unknown to those who invest in partnerships / regional centers / third rate franchises, whereas my clients usually see pretty decent capital gains because I advise my clients to invest in safe businesses that usually end up appreciating over a period of time.

5) Easy exit strategy: Regional Centers and partnerships usually lock in EB-5 visa investors for 5-9 years, and even then charge an arm and a leg to exit the investment, whereas those who invest in their own Direct Investment Businesses can usually exit whenever they want.

EB-5 visa seekers should remember that often, unscrupulous franchise brokers may try to solicit EB-5 visa seekers to invest in a business with a risky business model, in order to earn commissions from the franchiser at the expense of the EB-5 visa seeker.

An easy way to find out if a franchise is a good option or not, is to ask a lender bank if they will finance that franchise. If the lender says no, then the EB-5 visa seeker should avoid the franchise. Another easy way to find out is to ask the franchiser to provide audited financial statements from 10 of the closest franchisees to see what was the annual NOI per store, and in case the stores are making losses or very little profit, the EB-5 visa seekers should avoid the franchise. EB-5 visa seekers should also ask Franchise brokers and promoters to disclose in a notarized affidavit the commissions they will receive from all sources, in order to make an informed decision on whether to invest or not in a particular franchise. Finally, EB-5 visa seekers should seek the help of reputed and experienced Business Advisers who offer a written guarantee of freedom from conflict of interest to their clients, to help EB-5 visa seekers make an informed decision.

There are also several non-franchise options available for businesses such as movie theaters, grocery stores, child care, gun shops, skating rinks, sports facilities, liquor stores, used car dealerships, motorcycle & scooter dealerships, pharmacies, etc.

All business brokers and EB-5 visa advisers are not alike either. The unethical ones promote risky, third rate franchises and / or regional centers to EB-5 visa seekers, while we've helped our clients buy / start only reputable franchises, due to which our clients have never had to face operating losses or capital loss, while those who invest in dubious franchises are usually encounter capital losses and operating losses. Our competitors usually don't offer written guarantees of full disclosure and freedom from conflict of interest, while we do so confidently and proudly. Our competitors don't have over 12 years of Business Brokerage and Advisory experience helping investors buy / start businesses to qualify for the EB-5 visa, while we've helped over 150 clients get their EB-5 visa approvals since 2004.

We offer a full fee refund guarantee in case our client's EB-5 visa petition is denied due to our fault. We also offer a written guarantee of full disclosure and freedom from conflict of interest, and none of our clients has suffered operating losses or capital losses. If you find our competitors willing to offer a similar guarantee, look at them, and if not, do yourself a favor and avoid them.For EB-5 visa seekers interested in Direct Investment Business, the following questions are crucial:
1) What is your role and how are you qualified to fulfill that role?
2) What is the license you hold and how does it qualify you?
3) What is your practical experience in EB-5 visa? How many clients have you helped so far and how long have you done so?
4) What is your track record? Have your clients experienced capital loss, visa loss or operating loss?
5) What do you do to help me avoid getting defrauded?
6) Do I fully own and control my business and capital?
7) What is the exit strategy?
8) What is the typical approval time?
9) Are you willing to offer a notarized guarantee saying that you will fully disclose all material facts in an ongoing manner and refrain from engaging in conflict of interest?
10) Do you offer a turnkey solution?
11) Do you expect me to pay for your mistakes, or will you refund my fees in case I'm denied due to your negligence and / or incompetence?
12) Do you owe a fiduciary duty to your clients?

This is an effective preliminary checklist to help EB-5 visa seekers avoid getting defrauded:

1. EB-5 visa seekers should demand NOTARISED AFFIDAVITS signed under the penalty of perjury from the CFO, CEO and Attorney of the regional center confirming that:

a) All material information has been disclosed to the EB-5 visa seeker. If material information is not fully disclosed, then the regional center's executives are engaged in SECURITIES FRAUD, and EB-5 visa seekers as well as honest immigration attorneys and visa consultants should avoid them like the plague.
b) The regional center is in FULL compliance with US Securities, tax and foreign exchange laws as well as the laws of the country in which the securities are being sold. If the regional center is violating securities laws, tax laws or foreign exchange laws, the EB-5 visa will most likely be revoked or denied, and the funds will be seized and may potentially be subject to forfeiture.
c) The regional center procures products and services in a competitive and transparent manner, and does not engage inconflict of interest and nepotistic (related party) hiring. After all, you do NOT wish to pay inflated salaries to some regional center promoter's mistress or nephew, do you?

If a Regional Center's executives REFUSE to present the above information in notarized affidavits to investors, EB-5 visa seekers should AVOID their offering like the plague because the regional center is definitely attempting to defraud investors, as US law clearly states that failure to disclose all material information is defined as securities fraud.

EB-5 visa seekers should also ask regional center executives and attorneys to answer the following questions in a notarised affidavit signed under the penalty of perjury, answering each question separately:

a) How long has the Regional Center / business been operating?
b) How much of a capital loss have investors seen (minimum, maximum, median and mean)?
c) What is the exit strategy and how much will it cost investors to exit and is exit mandatory only through related entities?
d) Does the Regional Center / project have a STRICT arm's length policy for procurement of products and services in a competitive manner?
e) Do they regularly offer audited books of accounts for review by investors?
f) Have they ever faced any criminal investigations or lawsuits?
g) Are they in full compliance with tax and securities laws in the US and country of offering?
h) What is the annual dividend? Is it paid regularly? Is the dividend enough to let the investor and his / her family live comfortably or is it below what even a bank would offer?
i) How long is the investment locked in and can investors exit right after they get the I-829 approved or are they locked in for 5-9 years?
j) Do investors have a right to kick out corrupt or incompetent managers who fail to perform?
k) How much are their fees and what is the breakdown? This is to identify the junk fees.
l) What is their money back policy?
m) How much equity have the promoters invested and how much money (salary / share of profits / benefits, etc.) are they getting?
n) Are officers and directors hired in an objective and competitive fashion or do they hire related persons such as girlfriends, friends, wives, nephews, etc.?
o) Have investors ever exited with a capital gain?

I believe the above affidavits should be a good starting point to detect and prevent fraud committed by regional centers. Those regional centers that don't disclose all material information or engage in conflict of interest and nepotism are undeserving of the trust of EB-5 visa seekers. For more information on how to get the best results for EB-5 visa seekers, please add me to your network and join my group 'EB-5 experts - Direct Investment' on LinkedIn.

EB-5 visa seekers should remember that it is a lot quicker to gain approvals for I-526 petitions on basis of Direct Investment Businesses, while petitions filed by regional centers have been languishing for a year or more. They should also remember that there is a massive interagency investigation by DHS, SEC, IRS and FBI, and it is expected that over 98% of the regional centers will be shut down for violating securities laws and committing securities fraud. There was a very interesting conference call that USCIS and SEC had in April 2013, where SEC announced that they're going to take strong action against regional centers and partnerships that violate securities laws such as broker dealer registration, investment company regulations and failure to disclose material facts.

The above is my opinion, PLEASE consult a qualified attorney for advice to confirm that the above is correct.








1. Exclusive visas and their team, including Joe Sloboda, Fred Burgess, Renata Castro, N. Guru, etc. They also conduct business under the name EB5Match.com. We've reason to believe that this group has facilated the illegal offering and sale of US securities overseas and have also engaged in serious securities fraud. It is also believed that they've misled EB-5 visa investors into buying substandard franchises such as Voodoo BBQ.

2. Brian Su, Thom Casebolt, etc. of Artisan Business Group: We've reason to believe that this group has facilitated the illegal offering and sale of US securities overseas and have also engaged in securities fraud and facilitated money laundering.

3. Marc Hyman: Pretends to have EB-5 experience, but I seriously doubt this as I've personally found him to be unfamiliar with a lot of legal processes related to EB-5 visa processing. He also conducts business brokerage activities illegally through Pacific West Investor Services, which is NOT licensed by the CA Dept. of Real Estate to offer business or real estate brokerage services.

4. Lalit Advani: From personal communication with him, I learnt that Mr. Advani illegally offers and sells US securities in India, and in addition to committing securities law violations is also engaged in an ongoing conspiracy to commit securities fraud.

5. Varun Gupta: Has already been arrested once for fraud, and has a pending fraud case against him for forging bank documents and fabricating records. See www.indianexpress.com/news/healthyway-fraud-ca-sent-to-police-remand/839566/ Mr. Gupta is a Chartered Accountant and is an expert at money laundering, and now seems to have graduated to being an active co-conspirator in committing securities fraud, violating securities laws and laundering funds. His website is http://www.eb5indiacenter.com

6. Chaim Katzap: We've reason to believe that this individual has faciliated the illegal offering and sale of US securities overseas and also engaged in  securities fraud. I also suspect he is affiliated with Organized Crime.

7. John Shepherd Senior and Junior: Illegally offer US securities in the US and abroad, and engage in securities fraud by failing to disclose material facts. 

8. Anthony Rodham, Terry McAuliffe and GreenTech Automotive: I've solid reasons to believe that they've committed securities fraud, violated securities laws and laundered millions of dollars.

There are also several service providers who claim to do "Due Diligence" about regional centers and EB-5 partnerships, but are actually just taking the investor's money and not doing due diligence in a professional and thorough manner. Some of these service providers are listed below:

1) Wassem Amin: I asked him online about how exactly has he done due diligence, and he had no answers, and instead fled the forum and went on to start his own. I mean, just how can someone miss the fact that securities were being marketed and sold illegally without authorisation of the overseas regulators, commissions were being paid illegally, and material facts (such as procuring goods & services from related parties as well as related parties being hired at inflated salaries) were being withheld from the investor (which qualifies as securities fraud in the US)?

2) John Roth, John Muller and Laurie Wu of EB5DueDiligence.com: They claim to do due diligence, and like Mr. Amin, they also fail to advise investors about the fact that securities were being marketed and sold illegally by the regional centers without authorisation of the overseas regulators, commissions were being paid illegally, and material facts (such as procuring goods & services from related parties as well as related parties being hired at inflated salaries) were being withheld from the investor (which qualifies as securities fraud in the US).

3) Michael Gibson: I thought he was honest, but I stand corrected now. Like the other 2 above, Mr. Gibson also fails to advise investors about the fact that securities were being marketed and sold illegally by the regional centers without authoriation of the overseas regulators, commissions were being paid illegally, and material facts (such as procuring goods & services from related parties as well as related parties being hired at inflated salaries) were being withheld from the investor (which qualifies as securities fraud in the US).