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We help our investor clients start businesses to qualify under the EB-1C visa category, and as we only help them invest in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses, the chances for making a decent profit and getting a US green card (permanent resident status) are significantly higher in the EB-1C visa category when compared to the EB-5 visa under the regional center category.

Some of the strategic advantages seen in EB-1C visa category are listed below:

1. Unlike EB-5 visa investors, who first get temporary green cards, and THEN get permanent green cards, EB-1C category visa investors directly a PERMANENT green card. Moreover, an EB-1C visa investor can get their capital investment back in 6 years, while EB-5 visa investors will usually NOT get their green cards back in less than 12 years.

2. Investors get their green card a lot sooner than under EB-5 visa category. As of today, an Indian EB-5 visa investor only gets a TEMPORARY green card after 6-8 years and a permanent green card after at least TWELVE years, and Chinese EB-5 visa investors get temporary green cards after FIFTEEN years. In contrast, an Indian EB-1C visa investor can get their PERMANENT green card in about 5 years if they do a joint venture, or after 7 years or so if they choose a subsidiary or branch office option. In short, the investor saves several valuable years in getting their green cards and as EB-1C category directly confers the permanent green card, there's no danger of loss of green card at the I-829 stage.

3. Unlike EB-5 visa category, there are NO location restrictions, which means that with a $500,000 investment, an investor can start or buy a business even in Manhattan, while this is impossible under EB-5 visa category unless an investor is willing to invest at least USD 1.8 Million.

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